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Veena Malik's SEXY UNCENSORED Photoshoot

Vena malik sexy

Tuesday, 25 September Mom-son Hindi story My name is pushpa and I am the mother of three children. I am normal Indian housewife and I belong to the middle class background. My husband works in the education department. Though I am quite educated but I had to stay home to take care of my children. I have two lovely fair skinned daughters and a handsome son. My son is the eldest of them. In fact I bore him when I was 21 so now when he is 17 I am just 38 years of age. I love my family and we are a happy family only one strange fact is there that the father of my youngest daughter is in fact my own son. Believe it or not but now we live as husband and wife. To know how it happened, read on my real story. As my husband was a government employee, he often had to go on outstation tours. Earlier my son used to study in boarding but then we withdrew him to take care of the home in absence of his father. In fact when he was 18, he passed his 10th class with very good marks and we decided to have a party at home. We had a good time and all the guests left the home by eleven at night. Now, my son, rinku, was helping me clean the home along with my 14 year old daughter Shipra. We soon arranged everything neatly and then Shipra said that she wants to sleep. She went and started snoring in her room. I also went and quickly changed into my old pink cotton nigh tie with prints of flowers on it. My son rinku was still in the living room. I came out of the bedroom wearing my nigh tie and just panties under it. I was feeling very tired and due to that my nipples had become erect somehow as I could feel them making small tents in my nigh tie. My son looked at me and asked me to sit besides him. Then he leapt across and took me in his arms hugging me and pressing against me. I thought he was getting emotional with his mommy but soon I realized it was something else. He was rubbing my back near the flesh of my hips. I got a tingling in my body as he did this is circular motion. I was sure that he could feel my erect nipples digging into his skin through my nigh tie. I was surprised as he pushed his hand down my bottom so that I was now sitting on his hands while he rubbed my buttocks slowly. Suddenly I felt what was I doing and how did I let him do that then for another second I thought he is just doing it under some emotion. But I was wrong. I felt my thigh hitting his huge erection. O my god, my son a big penis. How could he have that big demon inside. Was he hitting on me, his mother. There is no woman on earth as beautiful and sensuous as you. Please, mommy let me take care of you. I was feeling a bit uneasy by all this. After all I am his mother and I bore him. I loved him too and dint wants him to feel bad about it. I love you so much. Will you let me see your sensuous body? I want to worship and feel your body with my hands. I just want you to be happy. Ok… I will show you my old used body but just touching, ok. I covered my big boobies out of shame in front of my son. You have the biggest boobies that I have ever seen. And just look at that big areola. Mammy, you have the longest nipples in the entire world. Touch them and feel them with your hands. Remember you used to feed on them not long ago. Will you let me suck from your unusually long nipples? I was surprised to hear that he even played with my daughter and was comparing me to her. He even tries to take half of my boob in his mouth as if he was trying to eat it like a cake. He started biting my flesh with his teeth lapping his tongue all around my areola. My choot pussy was getting wet and I could feel the juice in my panty. A spot appeared on them now. His hands were now rubbing my ass over the white cotton panty. This is so wrong yet it feels so good. He just lapped his tongue there licking the sides of my milk jugs while his hands had reached over my choot puss and he was slightly pressing my pubes with the palm. I felt that some juices had started leaking from my horny choot but they were absorbed by my pubes so probably he was just seconds away to touch them. I was on fire too but then he was my son. I regained morality and asked him to stop. I love you too but this is no way to show your love to your mother. In fact now we have already exceeded the limits. No one ever touches his mother in her private parts. We have to stop this very instant. O my god, rinku what r u doing…. I want to prove my love to you. With these melons hanging down, how can you expect me to stop? You pearl white skin and you large pinkish brown areolas are making me crazy. Then his hands caressed my velvety chootar ass and his finger went in my choot a little deep. A lot of pussy juice ran down his hand and he started to finger fuck me. Leave me this very moment otherwise I will loose control. Think of your father. How can you do this with your mother? He soon started fucking me with two fingers. My pussy was leaking a lot of juices and the sounds of phuch phuch phuch phuch started coming from my pussy making me all the more horny. I wanted my son now. I was a woman blinded with lust and consumed in passion to think of anything else. What if he was my own son and I had given him birth from the same cunt. I became silent now towards him resisting me and let him have a go. The first thing he did was that he smelled the pussy nice and long before teasing it with his nose and finally lapping up his birthplace with his tongue almost biting my clit while he slapped my chootar with his hands. Stop it now otherwise I am gone. He reached my feet and took them in his hands and started kissing my toes. I know this is wrong and mother is the holiest of all but then you are my mother and all I want to do is to make you mine. I want to enter the same body I came from. I want to fuse into you and make us one forever. Let this unison be the token of my gratitude for bringing me into this world mother. I want to kiss each and every part of your, I mean mine, body. My sucked on my pussy and I was beginning to get delirious. Still, at the back of my mind, I was fighting the taboo inside. How could I let him do it? But slowly my thoughts were melting away with the juices oozing out of my hairy choot. Thanks for showing me that wonderful choot of yours which was my birthplace. O mother you look a creature of heaven, a pari, there lying down naked before me. This is what I never thought would happen. I hope I am not living in a dream. O mommu, can I kiss you now. I thought let me just forget that he is my son and let him have whatever he wants. Vena malik sexy

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  1. I thought he was getting emotional with his mommy but soon I realized it was something else.

  2. After all, taking care of the son is the duty of the mother. I quickly removed his underwear too and it sprang like a cobra.

  3. I want to enter the same body I came from. She dresses up in a sleeveless noodle blouse and came back in a firing blazing red wedding sari. I took a good look at them and then took one of her erect nipple in my mouth and gave it a sweet bite with my teeth.

  4. As I child you used to suckle them for hours. I pulled his face on mine and kissed him while he held me by my naked waist and entered his cock into my forbidden hole. Show me how much you love me.

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