Sex weird. A Sex Manual From 1720 Has Been Found And Shows Weird Attitudes To Sex.

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5 Weird Sex Records

Sex weird

Check out these 10 nasty nookie accidents. Talk about 'unsafe sex' Courtesy After unlucky Alan Parke suffers a penis malfunction we examine the world's weirdest sexual disasters Passionate Alan Parke hoped to get his girlfriend screaming with pleasure as they enjoyed a romantic night in. He'd ruptured the tube carrying blood to his erect penis and was bed-bound for two months after the freak accident. Courtesy A year-old New Zealand woman was necking with her lover in when he gave her a massive love bite. Two days later she lost the use of her left arm. Doctors were baffled until one noticed the hicky on her neck. It was right over a major artery and the force of the love bite had created a clot which caused a minor stroke. She was treated with anticoagulants and recovered. Nipple shocker When Pennsylvania cops responded to an emergency call at a mobile home in Robert Taylor told them his wife Toby had accidentally electrocuted herself with a hair dryer — and died. He was arrested and charged with reckless endangerment and involuntary manslaughter. Sex with scarecrow Photo: Courtesy Argentinian shepherd Jose Alberto, 58, died after having sex with a scarecrow dressed in a wig and wearing lipstick and a strap-on sex toy. Police forced their way in after neighbours raised the alarm and discovered his remains with the Wurzel Gummidge-lookalike. Spokesman Rodolfo Moure said: It was lying next to the deceased and had a six-inch strap-on penis. There were no signs of violence and we are working on the assumption that the man died during sex with the scarecrow. Alberto was seen as a loner. Lfs and butts Nigel Willis from Forest Hill, London purchased a vibrating butt plug and inserted it in his bottom. He couldn't remove it but was too embarrassed to confess his problem to his mother, who he lived with, so spent the next five days in agony lying on the couch as it buzzed away inside. Surgeons managed to remove the vibrator, but he died two months later after failing to recover from his injuries and septic shock. Courtesy Gary Ashbrook from East Sussex liked to inflate condoms with massive amounts of nitrous oxide and then put them over his head. In November of , his housemates found him dead on his bed with a condom clinging to his face. He'd used three cans of nitrous to blow the prophylactic up then suffocated while pleasuring himself. Mammary manslaughter rap Donna Lange, 51, from Everett, Washington, USA was accused of smothering her boyfriend to death with her enormous breasts during a drunken argument in early She faced manslaughter charges. Down the lung way Photo: Courtesy A doctor in India was mystified when a female patient complained of having had a serious cough, runny nose and fever for over six months. She'd been put on various medications, but nothing seemed to help. Hospital tests then revealed she had a condom lodged inside her lungs which she'd inhaled, without actually realising it, during oral sex. Courtesy For her 50th birthday, Russian Valentina Sokolov was given a copy of the Kama Sutra sex manual for her 50th birthday. Whilst attempting position known as 'The Deck Chair', she and partner Ivan wound up stuck together when she had an involuntary muscle spasm and were unable to disentangle themselves. After two hours they managed to call an ambulance and were taken to hospital and separated. But Turganov, 28, accepted the bet and then allegedly swallowed an entire bottle of Viagra. He won the bet —but died of a heart attack within minutes. Sex weird

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  1. The researchers discovered that one ten-second kiss can transfer approximately 80 million bacteria of over different varieties. As of now, according to the CDC , about one in six Americans -- approximately 50 million people -- has genital herpes not to be confused with HPV, which can cause genital warts. Ginger stimulates the feelings of excitement associated with sex.

  2. When female bonobos are screwing around, they make lots of noises, not because they're having a good time, but so the other males in the vicinity will hear them.

  3. It's obviously awkward so my aunt decided not to ask too many questions. Masturbation, 'weird noises' and male partners faking orgasms all make up our common concerns about sex 4. What's troubling is that, likewise, as men who pay for sex get older, they're less likely to use protection.

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