Print Marketing Is More Environmentally Friendly Than You Think!

Nowadays it is all about making things environmentally friendly, schools, governments, and businesses alike all want to prove to the world just what types of steps that they are making to be more considerate towards the environment. Unfortunately, when companies think green, they think about scrapping paper marketing. This is not the right path to go. When you think carefully about printing on paper your first thought may be knocking down trees in forests, but the printing industry is a hell of a lot more environmentally friendly than you could ever imagine.

The printing industry is actually preventing deforestation, why? It is simple. Print marketing is very far away from being dead, it is a very effective method of reaching out to people, it is collateral, you can recycle the paper, it is sustainable, low carbon impressions get pumped out, and in return, high impressions come back! It's no wonder why shops like have started to become so popular.

Printing, in fact has the opposite effect on trees, it grows trees! Many of the forestry areas that produce paper are privately owned. When those trees are used for the sole purpose of making paper, the owners grow trees to replace what has been cut down! Usually the owners plant a lot more trees in the place of the ones that went too, and usually in areas that there were no trees present.

If it was not for the printing industry then a lot of private forest owners would not be able to gain profit on their lands and they would have to sell it to outsiders whom would most likely use it for other less eco projects. Planting trees helps to reduce storm waters, improve water quality, and of course keep carbon emissions lower. Print marketing is the way to go!